Winning Is Fun

Big group of young jumping people.

I like to win.

I like to excel at things I do (which is why I do not go bowling or roller skating…just saying).

I like to exceed goals.

I like to exceed expectations.

I like to win with a team…as a team…for the team.

Many of you know that I am a former musician and have a degree in trumpet performance.  What many of you may not know is that I also played intercollegiate soccer. While in college I was a walk-on to the team and was awarded the starting position of “keeper”.

As the keeper, I had several responsibilities and goals:

1. Be the traffic cop for the fullbacks and mid-fielders…basically run my mouth (some things never change) and direct the defensive effort of the team

2. Jump start an offensive push with a punt or throw down field

3. And…stop the other team from scoring

If I did those 3 things well, and if the rest of the team did the things they were gifted to do…and if we did them as a cohesive team, our likelihood of winning was much greater…and that was FUN.

If you have never played sports, been in a competitive event, a music or talent competition, debate team or Spelling Bee, then this may be foreign to you…but let me assure you,  it is a lot more fun and rewarding to win at your endeavor than to come up short. Not winning at all cost (or at the peril of others) mind you, but winning by having a goal in mind…planning how to meet that goal…preparing to accomplish the goal..then actually implementing it. That is FUN!!!

But you can not win individually or collectively as a team (and now team can be described as your company, church, organization, sales force, production team, Ameba Soccerchurch plant, etc, etc, etc.) unless you know what a win looks like.  Not setting goals and metrics is like a youth soccer coach telling his team of “ameba like swarms” to just make sure they are all kicking the ball…and have fun.  That may work for 5 year old soccer leagues, but not at the intercollegiate or professional levels. Do you think my college team would have won very many games if the coach just told the team to have fun and make sure everyone kicks the ball.  Heck NO!

Last year at Catalyst, Andy Stanley described how  North Point  defines a ministry win on Sunday morning. He said: “A win is when an unchurched person shows up, is helped, and comes back next week with a friend.” He went on to share that there are people who have an issue with that definition because it doesn’t include anything about people accepting Jesus, to which he responds a win has to be something we can control…and we can’t control whether someone accepts Christ or not.

So how does your organization define a WIN? Is it goal based? Is it measurable? Does the whole team know how to define it and know when they have a win under their belt?

If not…how will you know when you have accomplished your vision and mission?

WIN = Vision + Goals + Measurable Metrics + Unified Team + Implementation